Best Sweepstakes Casinos Rating

Do you like to enjoy cool casino games and win prizes by fortune? The casino industry has something special for you – the game of sweepstakes whose concept is close to a lottery game.

Geography of sweepstake casinos

Sweepstake gambling sites can be found in the USA, the UK and Australia, each country imposes its own regulations. For example, the United States have enacted anti-lottery laws, and now players are not obligated to buy something or pay to join the game. All participants are equal in their chances to win, those who purchased and paid and those who didn’t. In America sweepstakes are widely associated with popular sporting events. By the way, some states of the country do not legalize sweepstakes – for example, Washington. Always check local laws to be within the legal framework.

In the UK, open contests belong to the category of lotteries. Although they may be of different types – some are available to all residents, others – to members of a private society. Organizers of sweepstakes do not have to obtain licenses for this kind of activity, although they have to give out all the staked money back as prizes. Residents of the UK normally call sweepstakes as competitions, but they actually mean the same as Americans when they use the term “sweepstakes”.

Australians prefer terms “competition” or “draw”. Residents can join the game on a free basis. Companies can promote their goods and services by offering them as prizes.

Some useful information to know about sweepstakes

Best Sweepstakes Casinos Rating

Casino players do not use real money at sweep casinos. They should use sweep coins instead. Casinos choose by themselves how to offer sweepstakes to players, they also choose games and prizes for sweepstakes. If you play for Gold Coins, keep in mind that you cannot redeem it for cash. The more Golden coins you buy, the more sweep coins you get. The latter can be redeemed for cash prizes. By the way, if you demonstrate social activity at an online casino, you may acquire or win some Sweep coins. Sometimes gambling sites offer users to answer certain questions, for example, and they encourage them with free Sweep coins.

You may also ask for Sweep coins in a mail sent directly to the chosen casino. Although this option is only available at online casinos of the USA and Canada.

Our favorite sweepstakes casinos:

#5 Vegas X Casino

High-quality casino games and the opportunity available to companies to build own networks and get computers connected for playing the games altogether. The software of Vegas X is easy to install, you need about twenty minutes to set up the program. At Vegas X Casino you will find hundreds of well-known casino games and the super choice of slots.

#4 Lucky Land Slots Casino

This is where you can win real money prizes. Lucky Land is the territory of slots mostly regulated by sweepstakes law instead of gambling regulations. The casino is available on all popular operating systems, as for mobile version, it’s not available for iOS but perfectly works on Android gadgets.

#3 B-Spot

This casino is a perfect combination of the traditional gambling approach with a modern twist and innovations. At B-Spot users can enjoy both casino games and betting on horse racing. It’s also nice to know that each entertainment of the site is legal and safe, B-Spot even managed to spread its services to the American states where other gambling sites cannot operate. The site focuses on slots, bingo and arcade games. The mobile version of the casino is available for iOS and Android.

#2 FendOff Sports Casino

Although FendOff is a new player in the market, but it has a solid foundation in the form of a company with extensive social gaming experience. First-timers are offered welcome bonuses as soon as they sign up, creation of a new account will bring you the package of gold coins 5$ worth. With sweeps and gold coins you can take part in entertaining contests of the casino. FendOff Sports allows to redeem fifty sweeps into a 50 dollars’ gift card. Note that only verified users can redeem sweeps at FendOff.

#1 Global Poker

The site is available only to U.S. residents, but it covers the country almost entirely. They come and play for real money without violating any laws. Only Washington is not in the game. Global Poker, founded in 2016, offers to buy Gold Coins that can be used for purchasing, every purchase is awarded with Sweep Coins that can be subsequently redeemed for cash. The most loyal players have better chances to obtain sweeps coins at Global Poker. The classic poker game is always fun with this American casino.

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