Top 10 Casinos 2024

Hello everyone! Today, we’ll be having a look at the best online casinos that 2024 has to offer. We’ll be reviewing them and deciding what makes them better than all the rest, and going through the positive points of the various casinos in our list.

Before we start ranking them, let’s define some of the criteria we’ve used to assess these gaming platforms. Naturally, every casino in our top 10 is licensed and has received positive feedback from players.

Criteria for Ranking the Best Casinos of 2024 :

  1. Slot Games. The number of games available on each site is an important factor. Players should have a choice of what to play, and the more that are available on a casino’s website, along with live dealer games and others, the better. Obviously.
  2. Deposits and Withdrawals. The best casinos are those which offer speedy payouts and high withdrawal limits. A wide selection of payment systems also helps make the gaming experience more appealing by simplifying the process of making deposits and withdrawing winnings.
  3. Loyalty System. Feedback, bonus offers, cashback, and tournaments all mean a lot to players. The more bonuses a casino offers, and the quicker it can resolve players’ issues, the better.
  4. Number of Players. Another key criterium when choosing a casino is the number of players using its services. Lots of players means lots of money circulating through the casino (which means higher chances of hitting a serious jackpot).

These are the main criteria used for this ranking: the more games, players, and bonuses a casino has, and the faster payouts are processed, the better the casino.

I’ve already mentioned licenses, and of course, every casino needs a license to carry out gaming operations online. A license is the only way to guarantee that players won’t be scammed.

Now, let’s get to the review itself and to the casino coming in at number 10, Riobet.

Riobet Online Casino Review

Riobet launched its online gaming operations in 2014 – not long ago at all as things go in the gaming industry.

The overview of the online casino Riobet
  • Official Website: Riobet Casino.
  • Slot Games. At the time of writing, Riobet features 27 providers. The casino’s standout feature is its huge collection of roulette games from a variety of providers. It also offers slot games and other game types, and allows players to bet on sports.
  • Loyalty System. Newcomers can get their hands on a no-deposit welcome bonus of 150 free spins in the slot game Dead or Alive 2, which can be claimed using the promo code “donat15”. There is also a 100% first deposit bonus and a 50% second deposit bonus with 320 free spins. Once per week, users can receive 40% of their deposit, and there are weekly tournaments in which players compete against each other.
  • Deposits and Withdrawals. Payouts take on average 12 hours to process; however, the process can sometimes be much shorter. The daily withdrawal limit is 2,000 euros at Classic level, 3,000 euros at Gold level, and 10,000 euros at VIP level.
  • Number of Players. An average of 35,000 people play in Riobet Casino every day, which is a highly respectable number.

In 9th place on our top 10 list is the online casino BitstarZ.

BitstarZ Online Casino Review

This popular online casino hosts players from most European countries, along with countries in the CIS, including Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus. BitstarZ Casino was named the best casino in 2017.

  • Official Website: BitstarZ Casino.
  • Slot Games. BitstarZ has games from 36 providers, and its collection is expanding every year. The site includes slot games as well as popular table games, such as blackjack, baccarat, and, of course, roulette.
  • Loyalty System. Newcomers can receive a no-deposit bonus of 20 free spins for registering with BitstarZ Casino. Besides this, there are also bonuses of 500 euros and 180 free spins available for users’ first four deposits.
  • Deposits and Withdrawals. Payouts take 20 minutes to process, which comes as no surprise considering BitstarZ uses the SoftSwiss platform, and there are no limits on withdrawals. Players can quickly withdraw any amount of cash.
  • Number of Players. At the time of writing, BitstarZ is visited by 42,000 regular users every day.

Moving onto number 8 in our top 10 internet casinos of 2024, we arrive at the popular gaming platform, Frank.

Frank Online Casino Review

Frank Casino is a veteran of the gaming market and earned its stripes in the industry long ago. Its huge collection of games, vast daily withdrawal limits, and its throngs of players have won it a place on our top 10 list.

  • Official Website: Frank Casino.
  • Slot Games. Frank has games from 56 different providers. This naturally includes slot games and live dealers, with the additional option of playing blackjack and other card games.
  • Loyalty System. Frank sadly doesn’t offer any no-deposit bonuses, but it does have a pretty good welcome bonus package available. New players can get 2,250 euros added onto their deposit, along with 310 free spins. There are also tournaments to join and other bonuses up for grabs each week.
  • Deposits and Withdrawals. There is a 100,000-euro limit on winnings at Frank Casino, and payouts can take 2 to 12 hours to process.
  • Number of Players. Currently, over 60,000 people play at Frank Casino every day and this number is constantly growing, which is unsurprising for such a popular platform.

The countless positive reviews from regular players are testament to the integrity of this gaming platform.

Top 10 best casinos of 2020

At 7th place in this ranking of the best online casinos is a fairly new platform by gaming industry standards – Booi Casino.

Booi Online Casino Review

Booi Online Casino opened in 2019 and has been in operation for a little over a year. Despite its recent entry to the market, this casino has played its cards right and managed to secure a high position in numerous rankings – and ours is no exception.

  • Official Website: Booi Casino.
  • Slot Games. Booi currently offers games from 42 providers. Its collection includes some of the most popular games, including fan favorite BTG. Beyond slot games, there are also video poker and other card games on offer.
  • Loyalty System. New players can access bonuses for their first five deposits: a 200% bonus on their first deposit, 50 free spins for their second, 25 free spins for their third, 50 free spins for their fourth, and a 50% bonus on their fifth deposit. The site also offers weekly bonuses.
  • Deposits and Withdrawals. Payouts from Booi Casino are processed within 2 hours. The daily limit on withdrawals is 3,000 USD for newcomers.
  • Number of Players. Currently, Booi Casino’s daily audience amounts to 29,000 people.

Coming in at number 6 in our ranking is a gaming platform which enjoys considerable popularity among players from a range of countries, including within Europe, and its name is Vavada.

Vavada Online Casino Review

Let’s take a closer look at Vavada and what it has to offer its players.

  • Official Website: Vavada Casino.
  • Slot Games. The site has a selection of games from 39 well-known providers, including popular slots and games with live dealers such as roulette, baccarat, and blackjack.
  • Loyalty System. All new players on Vavada’s website can access a no-deposit registration bonus of 100 free spins for the slot game Space Wars. Once players have made their first deposit with Vavada, they can receive a 100% bonus with a 35x wagering requirement (bear in mind that the site features separate bonus and deposit accounts).
  • Deposits and Withdrawals. Withdrawals from Vavada Casino rarely take longer than 2 hours, despite the gaming platform’s own terms and conditions stating that the process takes 24 hours. It’s actually much faster. Withdrawal limits depend on a player’s status. The limit for newcomers is set at $1,000 per day.
  • Number of Players. Every day, Vavada is visited and enjoyed by 33,000 players.
Rating of the best online casino 2020

In 5th place, and even more popular than Vavada, we find Casino-X and JoyCasino.

Casino-X and JoyCasino Casino Review

“Why are there two casinos at number 5?” I hear you ask. It’s simple: this pair of online casinos are sister companies under the same ownership. It’s impossible to choose one over the other.

The only difference between them is their look; everything else is absolutely identical – the number of slot games, payout speed, limits, and bonuses. They’re like two peas in a pod; however, strictly in my own personal opinion, JoyCasino has a slight (visual) edge over its twin.

Both these gaming platforms have been active on the gaming market for a long time and often place highly in various rankings. And as you can see, our list is no exception.

  • Official Website: Casino-X.
  • Official Website: JoyCasino.
  • Slot Games. The selection of games on offer is impressive, and features games from 44 different providers. There’s also the option of betting on sports and playing various card and table games with live dealers.
  • Loyalty System. A first deposit bonus of 200% + 200 free spins is on offer, and Casino-X and JoyCasino regularly run a variety of tournaments. Cashback is available and is credited on the first of each month.
  • Deposits and Withdrawals. Withdrawing funds from Casino-X and JoyCasino takes 15-30 minutes; for example, it took 20 minutes to withdraw my winnings of 5,500 euros from Casino-X. The daily withdrawal limit is $100,000 or the equivalent in whichever currency you use.
  • Number of Players. Each casino is visited by around 45,000 people every day.
best online casino joycasino

Now, we reach number 4 in our top 10, where we find a gaming platform called Play Fortuna.

Play Fortuna Online Casino Review

Today, you would be hard pressed to find a committed gaming fan who hasn’t at least heard of the popular casino Play Fortuna.

Websites which discuss gaming tend to place this casino at the top of their lists, and the popular gaming publication AskGamblers gave Play Fortuna a superb rating of 8.4.

  • Official Website: Play Fortuna website.
  • Slot Games. Play Fortuna works with a total of 46 providers and has their best-known games in its collection. It also offers blackjack, poker, baccarat, and other games with live dealers.
  • Loyalty System. Once they’ve registered, all new players can access a no-deposit bonus of 50 free spins for the slot game Space Wars, and a first deposit bonus of 100% and up to 225 free spins.
  • Deposits and Withdrawals. Withdrawing funds from Play Fortuna takes on average 2 hours, but can take up to 6. The daily withdrawal limit is $3,000 and there is no monthly limit.
  • Number of Players. At the time of writing, Play Fortuna has a daily player base of around 50,000.

Play Fortuna Casino’s slick marketing, together with its positive reviews from real users, have brought players to the site in their droves.

At last, we come to the cream of the crop. Let’s take a closer look at the casinos that have made it to the promised land of our top 3.

the best online casino playfortuna

In 3rd place is a young online casino which only launched its operations at the start of this year, but has regardless been receiving high praise from numerous gaming publications – Spinbetter. The casino also has mountains of positive reviews from players who have been lucky enough to try it out.

Spinbetter Online Casino Review

Let’s find out what makes Spinbetter so special that it has landed itself a spot in our top 10 list and left the veterans of the gaming world in the dust.

  • Official Website: Spinbetter.
  • Slot Games. The website features a huge selection of games from 111 providers, so there’s bound to be something to suit the fancy of every player, such as slot games, table games including blackjack and roulette, a live casino, video poker, and much more. There’s also a sportsbook allowing players to place bets on esports.
  • Loyalty System. Spinbetter offers newly registered players a first deposit welcome bonus package of 1,500 euros (or the equivalent in a different currency) and 150 free spins. Tournaments are also held regularly.
  • No-Deposit Bonus. Newcomers can receive a no-deposit bonus of 200 free spins for registering with the casino. There is a wagering requirement of 18x and players can access this no-deposit bonus using the promo code “BOOKFS”. The spins can be used in the slot game Book of Sun Multichance. (Bear in mind that the site uses separate bonus and deposit accounts! Only real money counts towards the wagering requirement.)
  • Deposits and Withdrawals. Withdrawals rarely take longer than 5 minutes and there are no limits on payouts from Spinbetter, so players can withdraw absolutely any amount of money won (and quickly, to boot).
  • Number of Players. Spinbetter is visited by 25,000 players every day, which is impressive when you think that the platform has only been on the scene since the start of the year.

It’s not a huge number of players, but this is because of the platform’s youth, and the casino is growing rapidly.


Next up, we have a certified veteran of the gaming business – Europe’s popular Pin-UP Casino.

Pin-UP Online Casino Review

Firmly in 2nd place on our list is Pin-UP Casino. This site offers instant payouts, an astounding assortment of games, a fully-fledged sportsbook (the casino also offers sports and esports betting), a responsive player support service, and a loyalty program envied by its competitors.

best casino 2020 pin-up
  • Official Website: Pin-UP Casino.
  • Slot Games. The casino offers an enormous selection of games including table and TV games, games with live dealers, and slot games from 37 providers, plus a fully-fledged sportsbook.
  • Loyalty System. There is a welcome bonus of 100% of players’ first deposits and 250 free spins available, along with a 150% bonus that anyone can get their hands on using the promo code “150pinup”. Also available are guaranteed-win lotteries, tournaments, and weekly cashback from 5% to 10%. Important! Pin-UP has separate bonus and deposit accounts, so be sure to snatch up every bonus the casino has to offer!
  • Deposits and Withdrawals. Pin-UP’s ace in the hole is the speed of its payouts: 99% of the time, they are processed in 1 second, which is a record among gaming platforms. The daily withdrawal limit is 4,000 euros.
  • Number of Players. Pin-UP is a popular casino which boasts instant payouts, and this has earned it a lot of fans. The site hosts an average of 55,000 players (incidentally, I myself am a regular on the site).

And here it is, we’ve finally reached our number 1, the undisputed ruler of the gaming world – 1xSlots Casino.

Best Online Casino 2024

Its positively vast collection of slots and games, rapid payouts, the lack of limitations, its awesome loyalty system, and army of fans mean the competition have no hope of keeping up.

  • Official Website: 1X-Slots Casino.
  • Slot Games. At the time of writing, the site features games from 118 providers, leaving VideoSlots Casino as the only competitor able to hold a candle to its assortment of gaming entertainment. The collection includes slot games, roulette, blackjack, and a wealth of other card games.
  • Loyalty System. New players can receive a no-deposit registration bonus of 200 free spins for the slot game Book of Sun: Multichance from Booongo, with a wagering requirement of 20x. To get your hands on these free spins, use the promo code “BOOK”. Also available are deposit bonuses of 1,500 euros and 150 free spins. The site uses separate bonus and deposit accounts! Take advantage of every bonus – no exceptions!
  • Deposits and Withdrawals. This online casino features an enormous choice of payment systems. Any currency can be used to play. Payouts take just 5 minutes and there are no withdrawal limits!
  • Number of Players. 1xSlots Casino is available in almost every major world language (around 60 in total) and hosts players from all across the globe, with just a few rare exceptions (USA, UK, Spain, and a few others). The number of regular daily players smashed past the 100,000 mark long ago.
best online casino 2020

As if all that wasn’t enough, the site also offers a multi-tiered cashback system, with the highest level giving players the option of winning back not just money from losing bets, but from any bet they place. For more details, I urge you to check out their website.

And there you have it, the rankings of the top 10 casinos of 2024. I have tried to briefly touch on the most important elements for players.

Important! Always keep in mind that every casino – even the very best – is set up so that people lose money to it, and betting is not a viable way to earn an income. Some people get lucky, and some do not.

The gaming platforms mentioned here are reliable and honest casinos which pay out winnings to players and use real, licensed slot games. I wish you good luck in your gaming endeavors, and goodbye for now!

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